Message from the Chair-in-office

It is an honour for Nepal to be the Chair of the Colombo Process (CP), which is a consultative platform of 12 Asian countries on labour migration. The CP Member Countries comprise 50 percent of the world population and contribute around 30 percent of the global migrant workers. As approximately forty percent of the international migrants originate from Asia, labour mobility and associated governance activities provide both opportunities and challenges to us. These migrants come from a diverse range of cultures, social backgrounds and economic levels, and carry their expectations and aspirations for better life and livelihood. Since they contribute immensely to multi-dimensional development of their home state and destination countries, it is extremely important to ensure their economic well-being, social protection and fundamental rights.  Dialogues and actions on improving labour mobility and governance, therefore, assume a great significance to them.

Through collective efforts of the Colombo Process Member States, we are engaged in tapping opportunities for mutual benefit and responding to emerging challenges. We are pursuing common strategies for achieving the set goals of thematic priorities as well as improvements in the whole cycle of labour migration. Our collective and coordinated efforts increase our individual capacities and result in tangible achievements. A clear example of this has been the preparation of joint recommendations ofthe Colombo Process Member States as inputs to the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) last year.  As the GCM intergovernmental negotiations proceeds, the Colombo Process Member States can further contribute to the GCM process to reflect the modern-day reality in migration. We have always emphasized on achieving ‘win-win’ situation in labour migration, thereby fulfilling the interests of the sending and receiving countries as well as the migrant workers themselves.

As Chair-in-Office of the Colombo Process, it is my priority to facilitate dialogue within and between Colombo Process Member States and countries of destination in a broad range of agreed issues on labour migration and governance.  We have to advance the regional complementary processes and activities related to the Thematic Area Working Groups and also necessarily prepare to implement the Global Compact for Migration in the regional context once it is adopted.

Constructive dialogues and cooperation among the member states on the issues of mutual interest to all Member States remains the priority of Nepal as the Chair.


Hon. Gokarna Raj Bista
Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security,
Government of Nepal.

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