Message from the Chair-in-office

"It is my pleasure to send a message at the time of hosting the 4th Senior Official meeting followed by the 5th Ministerial meeting of the Colombo Process member countries, scheduled to be held on 24th and 25th August 2016.

Labour migration from the 11 members of Colombo Process countries has grown rapidly since 2005, with a 42 percent increase compared to 2005 according to the World Bank figures. Out of the top 10 emigration countries worldwide, five are Colombo Process members namely India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Hence, as member States of the Colombo Process, it is important for us to play a more active role in ensuring the protection and welfare to our labour migrants and their families while contributing to long-term economic growth and development in our countries.

In view of the shared concerns and common issues facing by the Colombo Process member countries in the field of Labour migration governance, protection of workers and development benefits of migration, we need to continue our efforts with collaborative actions. I believe that wider and deeper inter-state co-operation, especially between countries of origin and destination is also necessary as a key to a better functioning of international Labour migration. It will provide us more positive results through voluntary and co-operative efforts based on shared recognition of the benefits.

During our Chair, Efforts have been made to ensure that tangible benefits accrue to the membership of the CP, through Cooperation within the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) in order to enhance cooperation with destination countries in the Gulf region and the EU with a view to secure greater labour market access.

We have also made considerable effort to develop a self-funding mechanism that will ensure sustainability and regularity of the Colombo Process activities and meetings.

In this way, I hope that we all will be able to materialize our desired goals under the theme of “International Labour Migration for Prosperity: Adding Value by Working Together"

I wish to record my gratitude to all CP member countries, destination countries, international and national organisations for immense contribution to make our efforts a success.

So we all get together to make our dreams a reality."

Hon.Thalatha Atukorale
Minister of Foreign Employment, Sri Lanka

Upcoming Meetings...

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    30 March 2017