Programmes and Projects

The objectives and thematic priorities of the Colombo Process are pursued through country level initiatives as well as regional level Programmes and projects in partnership with various agencies - including IOM, ILO and development partners - and through collaborative actions with countries of destination. The following table introduces the key regional projects that are currently being implemented in pursuit of the CP thematic priorities:

Strengthening Labour Migration Governance through Regional Cooperation in Colombo Process Countries

Duration :Jun 2015 – May 2019

Implemented by :IOM

Envisioned as 4-year project, the IOM regional project on ‘Strengthening Labour Migration Governance through Regional Cooperation in Colombo Process Countries’ aims to support the Colombo Process (CP) to fully deliver its objectives ....

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Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme

Implemented by :Government of the Philippines

The CIOP draws inspiration from the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) framework that places importance on developing programmes for migrant workers to facilitate their adaptation to foreign employment. CIOP’s overall aim is to prepare migrant workers...

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The Pilot Project on Skill Development, Certification, Upgrading and Recognition

Implemented by :Ministry of Labour, UAE

This pilot project, the initiative of the UAE Ministry of Labour, is based on the premise that skills development, certification and recognition of migrant workers coordinated between the countries of destination (COD) and the countries of origin...

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Upcoming Meetings...

  • 4th Senior Officials' Meeting

    24 August 2016
  • 5th Ministerial Meeting

    25 August 2016