Colombo Process Secretariat

IOM functions as the Secretariat of the Colombo Process and at the request of the Chair provides technical and substantive support to the CP. This support is coordinated internally amongst the IOM offices to ensure coherent, consistent communication channels and to liaise effectively with the Chair at the Capital and Geneva levels.

IOM coordinates CP meetings at the Capital and Geneva levels providing administrative support in the convening of meetings, drafting of agendas, preparation of summary reports and liaising with other RCPs and dialogue fora on migration.

IOM also provides technical expertise to the Chair-in-Office on thematic issues including technical guidance on developing and implementing projects to support the thematic priorities of the CP, research, studies and other analytical assessments. IOM also provides technical expertise in the organization of SOMs and Ministerial Consultations by providing technical input in agenda setting, updates on progress of thematic issues, identifying or deploying in-house experts and technical guidance on thematic discussions.