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The Colombo Process is a Regional Consultative Process on the management of overseas employment and contractual labour for countries of origins in Asia. According to best estimates, over 2.5 million Asian workers leave their countries every year under contract to work abroad. A large proportion of workers from South and Southeast Asia head for the Gulf States to perform various types of service, trade and construction jobs, while others move to North America, Europe and Asian countries As the Asian overseas worker populations grow in numbers and diversify in terms of destination and source, their impact is increasingly felt. It is estimated that overall numbers of Asian overseas workers will increase, more
Message from the Chair-in-Office
It is my pleasure to send a message at the time of hosting the 4th Senior Official meeting followed by the 5th Ministerial meeting of the Colombo Process member countries, scheduled to be held on 24th and 25th August 2016. Labour migration from the 11 members of Colombo Process countries has grown rapidly since 2005, with a 42 percent increase compared to 2005 according to the World Bank figures. Out of the top 10 emigration countries worldwide, five are Colombo Process members namely India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. Hence, as member States of the Colombo Process, it is important for us to play a more active role inmore
News & Update

The 1st Meetings of Thematic Area Working Groups a...
160617160657IMG_2079_resize_home.jpg Delegates from the Colombo Process countries met for the Thematic Area Working Group Meetings on ‘Skills and Qualification Recognition’ and ‘Promoting Ethical Recruitment’ and the Regional Workshop on Labour Market Research in Colombo ...
The 5th Ambassadorial-Level Meeting of the Geneva-based Colombo Process Representatives
Message of Mr G.S.Withanage, Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Employment ,Sri Lanka
Colombo Process meeting concludes with far reaching decisions aimed at ensuring skilled and safe labour migration from Asia
Upcoming Colombo Process Meetings
  • The Fifth Ministerial Consultation
    25 August 2016  |   @ Colombo
  • The Fourth Senior Officials' Meeting
    24 August 2016  |   @ Colombo
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