Asia – European Union (EU) Dialogue On Labour Migration

Established in 2008, the Asia – EU Dialogue on Labour Migration is an inter-regional forum which seeks to develop and enhance inter- and intra-regional exchange of ideas and strategies on facilitating managed and legal migration between Asia and the EU within the framework of the Colombo Process. All 11 member countries of the Colombo Process and all 27 EU countries participate in the Dialogue which brings together representatives from the different governmental entities involved in the labour migration process, such as ministries of labour, employment, immigration, and expatriate welfare; specialized agencies; embassies; and experts from outside the governmental sphere.

Secretariat functions of the Asia – EU Dialogue are performed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).


The Asia – EU Dialogue aims to improve understanding of key trends and issues, support the identification of common policy concerns, and promote actions to facilitate safe and legal labour migration between the two regions, and thus facilitate their development. It seeks to achieve these objectives by ensuring that different regional and national perspectives and policies are given due consideration, allowing all stakeholders a better understanding of the challenges they face.

  • Discussion centers around four key thematic areas: Development of safe and legal labour migration between Asia and the EU
  •  Protection of the rights of migrant workers and their families
  •  Combating irregular migration (in origin and destination countries)
  •  Development potential of labour migration for origin and destination countries