Since its inception in 2003, the Colombo Process has made a number of tangible achievements at thematic level and institutional level as well as in the cooperation with other dialogue forums through concerted efforts of the Member States. The enlisted herein are the achievements of the Colombo Process, since 2013.

Institutional Level

  • Convening of four Senior Officials’ Meetings (SOM) which served as avenues for the Senior Officials of the CP Member States to engage in in-depth discussions on the thematic priorities, consider cooperation with other Dialogue Fora and agree on common concrete recommendations to realize the common objectives of the CP.
  • The establishment of ambassadorial and expert-level group in Geneva. This initiative started under the Sri Lankan Chairmanship to discuss and make recommendations for addressing institutional matters of the CP. 18 ambassadorial and expert-level meetings were convened in Geneva between December 2013 and August 2016 to advance consultations on the development of the CP Self-Funding Mechanism in order to enhance the predictability and regularity of CP Meetings and also to ensure the independence of the CP and its agreed priorities; and, the refinement of the CP Operating Modalities.
  • Adoption of the Colombo Declaration 2016 at the Fifth Ministerial Consultation of the Colombo Process in August 2016 reaffirming the CP Member States concerted efforts for safe, orderly and regular migration of workers. The declaration laid down a number of key recommendations and decisions to further advance the collaborative of the CP. The revised Operating Modalities and the CP Self-funding Mechanism were also approved upon the adoption of the Colombo Declaration.
  • The continued expansion of the Membership. Cambodia has joined the CP as 12th Member State at the Fifth Ministerial Consultation in August 2016.

Thematic Level

  • The adoption of the Strategic Vision of the Colombo Process at the first SOM in 2014 under the Sri Lankan Chairmanship. The Strategic Vision set out the five thrusts and five thematic priorities to be pursued by the CP, namely: Skills and qualification recognition process; Fostering Ethical Recruitment practices; Effective Pre-departure Orientation and Empowerment;  Promote Cheaper, Faster and Safer Transfer of Remittances; and, Enhancing capacities of the CP participating countries to track labour market trends.
  • Progress in the five thematic priorities. Thematic Area Working Groups (TAWGs) have been activated for the respective thematic priorities through convening the First Meetings between May and August 2016 in order to lead the discussions and actions of the assigned thematic areas. While the CP Member States are pursuing the advancement in the thematic priorities through regular TAWG meetings primarily through an online video-conferencing tool, Bluejeans, they have been also making tangible progress at the national level through national policies and programmes (please see the respective Member Country’s page for the national level progress).
  • Establishment of CP Technical Support Unit (CP TSU) in support of the CP goals. The CP TSU has been established in Colombo, Sri Lanka, based on the ToR for the CP TSU agreed at the 3rd SOM in 2015. A Technical Expert has been appointed and the CP TSU has carried out the following key tasks in line with the ToR under the guidance by the CP Chair:  support the convening of TAWG meetings at capital level; redevelopment of the CP website including the development of an online repository to facilitate information sharing; and, convening of the Regional Workshop on Labour Market Research in June 2016 to advance the CP’s discussion and collaboration in this thematic priority.
  • Inclusion of the New Thematic Areas of the CP in the Colombo Declaration 2016, namely Migrant Health; Operationalisation of the Migration-related goals in the SDGs; Promotion of equality for women migrant workers; and Consular Support for Migrant Workers, as a recommendation for further discussions at the next SOM and at Geneva level.

Cooperation with other dialogue forum

  • The enhanced cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) through the CP’s support for ADD-endorsed programmes, which include:the Comprehensive Information & Orientation Programme for Migrant Workers; and, the Pilot Project on Skill Development, Documentation and Recognition.
  • The convening of the Third Asia-EU Dialogue in Colombo in 2014 to advance cooperation and discuss common issues of concerns with EU countries.

Upcoming Meetings...

  • Sixth Meeting of the TAWG on Fostering Ethical Recruitment - 30 October 2018 (Online)

  • Fifth Senior Officials' Meeting and Sixth Ministerial Consultation, Kathmandu, Nepal - 15 - 16 November 2018

  • Colombo Process Consultations for Labour Attachés, Bangkok, Thailand - 3 - 4 December 2018